Tech Support

We love to be busy!  Call us ask us anything about your computer or mobile device.  We want to help, and most problems can be resolved with a phone call and a remote support session.

Our Free Remote Consultation involves a quick FREE check for threats and other possible issues on your device.  Upon finding threats or issues we will recommend the best course of action!  Trustworthy results that are backed by facts and years of experience.  Please don’t hesitate to call and ask us a couple questions!

Typical Support Offerings

*Virus and Malware Cleanup  *Software Bugs  *Windows Update Problems  *Data Organization Assistance  *E-mail Troubles  *Wi-Fi Issues  *Internet Problems  *Printer Installation  *Driver Updates  *Antivirus Installation  *Software Upgrades  *General Networking Issues  *Training  *Computer Hardware Diagnostics

           “At Computition we believe in customer service.  We take pride in our relationships with our clients and strive for satisfaction.  We are an established IT firm providing both residential and commercial services.  Feel free to call us with any issues you’re experiencing with your device.  We bill fairly and ensure that you get the most out of your support session.  We offer everything from basic quick fixes to full-blown computer cleanups!  We want to help, give us a call!”