Most computer diagnostics can be performed remotely, however we can really get things under the microscope when it’s in our shop on the tech benches.  We don’t just diagnose desktop computers .  We diagnose laptops, tablets, phones, printers, and much more!  Every problem is different, communication is key when troubleshooting difficult issues.  We keep you informed and updated every step of the way.  We charge a flat low rate for diagnosing your tech and don’t repair anything without your permission.  Sometimes we even fix the issues during the diagnostic testing!  We don’t want you to waste your money.  If your device is too old, or just not worth repairing, we’ll keep you informed and headed in the right direction.”

/ Desktop Computers – PC & Mac. Computer not turning on?  Maybe it’s making a strange noise or just acting slow?  We are well-seasoned in answering any and all questions relating to your computer.
/ Laptops, tablets,  and other mobile devices – broken screens, digitizers (touch screens), hinges, noisy fan operations.  We are constantly tearing devices down and we know when something is beyond repair or if it is economical to salvage the hardware and repair.
/ Failing Hardware – hard drives, RAM, motherboards, graphics cards, other add-in cards.  We test every component so that you know if there are multiple failures that are causing your issues.
/ Software – Failing updates, application errors, system crashes, and other program issues.
/ Charging Issues – bad charging ports, defective cables, and replacement chargers.
/ Printing Issues – lines, faded colors, cleaning, and general printer maintenance.  We can tell when a print roller or fuser has reached its end of use and is ready for replacement.  We know what it takes to keeps printers printing for years!
/ Commercial Troubleshooting Available as well!  Troubleshooting phone systems, servers, and networking.  Check out our Business Page

Our diagnostics are typically only $50 and we apply the diagnostic price to the repair or replacement of your device!