Computition believes attractive and effective websites should be affordable. That’s why we rely on CMS-based web design. Content Management Systems (CMS) are specialized frameworks that make websites easier to design and maintain. Another key component is premium themes designed by professionals to be attractive and functional. These two elements have driven down development time and cost significantly.


We get to know our customer then begin work right away. There’s always room for big strategies and they can be built into the website as needed. A website from Computition is designed to grow with the needs of the customer.

We believe that every business needs a website in order to better control the information about them on the internet. At a basic level it’s your online business card and brochure. With every Computition-designed website you get:

  • Hosting and Domain Setup
  • Website Setup and Design
  • Premium Theme Package
  • Blog Section (if desired)
  • Google Webmaster Account and Basic SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Photos and Clipart
  • Standard Copywriting
  • Content Creation and Modification Training
  • Email Configuration

We also offer enhancements like:

  • Enhanced SEO and PPC (pay-per-click)
  • Social Networking Presence Packages (Facebook, LinkedIn and others
  • Enhanced Training (Theming, Widgets, Plugins)

Whether you’re considering a website for the first time or interested in redesigning an existing site, give us a call. 570-523-3373