Feel free to give us a call to discuss your tech issues.  We focus our business on customer service and ensuring our clients know exactly what is going on with their devices every step of the way.  We take the extra time to explain the answers and ensure you’re confident when your ticket is resolved.  Stop by and check out our showroom, schedule an onsite, or start a remote support session.

Some of our most common residential services include

  • Cross Platform Support – Microsoft, Apple, and Linux.  We also work with android and iOS.
  • Virus Removal – Includes tune-up, startup optimization and a firestorm of virus scanners run on the infected device.  Additional Upgrades may be optioned as well.
  • Data Recovery – Recovering data from a failed laptops, desktop, or other device.  We then put the data on your choice of media (Flash Drive, External Hard Drive, or a New Computer
  • Data Transfer – Transferring your personal data, software applications, and necessary licenses from an old laptop or desktop to a new laptop or desktop.
  • Antivirus Services – We are Diamond Resellers of AVG Cloudcare.  We believe it is one of the less CPU-intensive virus protection suites available with up-to-date virus databases and a built-in firewall for enhanced protection.
  • Hardware Upgrades – Upgrading your power supply, graphics card, Memory, or even CPU.  One of the most common upgrades we offer here is an upgrade to an SSD (Solid State Drive).  A SSD can increase the overall performance of your machine greatly and eliminates the most common bottleneck in high-end computers.
  • Software Upgrades – Operating System updates and upgrades.  We also handle software application upgrades and migrations between different versions.  Accounting software upgrades are a common upgrade we handle as well.
  • Data Backup – We have a few solutions that we can offer that are inexpensive and get your device completely backed up.  We aim to backup entire hard drive images which can completely restore your computer in the event of a drive failure or other disasters.  This is different from traditional standard file backup (copying and pasting to a flash drive) because an image backup will completely restore the operating system, installed software, and all of your preferences.
  • Screen & Battery Repair or Replacement – If you have a device with a broken screen or cracked digitizer, give us a ring so we can get you a quote on the repair.  We service Apple iPhones and iPads.  We also offer screen repair or replacement on the majority of laptops available to the market.  We also offer battery replacement for these devices!
  • WiFi Troubleshooting – We typically assist with low signal strengths and slow wireless speeds.  We can help troubleshooting where all of your bandwidth is going!
  • Onsite and Remote services – A good portion of the services listed above can be performed remotely or onsite.  However, when the repair requires a large deal of time, we like to bring the device back to the shop so that we can multitask and be more cost effective for you!