At Computition we tailor to your needs.  We can offer everything from a break-fix agreement to monthly management 24/7.  We want our customers to feel comfortable and confident with our work and time we spend working on their equipment.  We bill fairly and ethically when troubleshooting or problem solving.  We make difficult transitions simple, and network upgrades a breeze.  We are always sure to give you the most out of your options utilizing existing hardware vs. purchasing new hardware.  Never pushy, always here to listen and offer professional help.

Commercial Services Include

  • Free Site Survey – Computition provides free network analysis to help you make informed decisions regarding your company’s IT infrastructure.  When performing surveys, we look at everything from phone systems to your user’s computer workstations.  After obtaining all necessary information we point out any bottlenecks or security risks involving your network.  From this information, you can better decide where your money is best spent.  Even if you already have an existing IT staff or company, a second professional opinion is always a good idea!
  • Security – Security can be a scary thing.  Security comes down to providing the strongest security standards and applying them throughout the company.  Security is something to keep in mind when configuring anything on your network.  An expensive firewall is a good start, but that firewall won’t do much when your employees are unrestricted and allow malicious software to pass through.
  • Server Management and Sales – We know how to keep things running smoothly.  Email, file sharing, and database servers are just a few of the type of servers we typically maintain.  We break down the barriers between our customers and enterprise server solutions.
  • Network planning and upgrading – We know what works reliably when it comes to networking.  We want your servers and networking infrastructure to stay online and running 24/7/365.  We use quality routers, switches and servers and stand behind our work.
  • Wireless Networking – We can provide wireless access point layouts plans to get you the best coverage for your dollar.  All wireless environments are different.  There is different interference that limits Wi-Fi Signal.  We place multiple access points through the building just to test the ranges and coverage.  This helps us gauge the project and ensure you get the correct number of access points in the correct locations.
  • Remote Management and Monitoring (RMM) – We provide affordable monthly management.  We do our remote management a little differently than the competitors.  We tailor our management to your needs.  There are no contracts with our services, but instead we bill on a per-device basis.  This allows monthly pricing to be dynamic and match your company needs.  Our management provides 24/7 Monitoring with downtime alerts and networking probes.  This allows us to stay ahead of the bullet and detect and possibly repair issues before they translate to business downtime.
  • Backing Planning – We help focus backups around the core components that you need to have up and running in order to stay productive.  We ensure data is backed up properly and verified.  We also offer plans for disaster recovery and offsite backup solutions.
  • Site-to-Site Communications – We offer VPN services and provide stable connectivity between multiple locations.  Doing this can save money on server equipment as well as VOIP phone equipment.  Leveraging site-to-site technology can help cut down monthly bills and expand overall productivity.
  • Phone Systems – Old phone systems are a common, but replacing them doesn’t have to be overly expensive.  We can offer our assistance to repair existing phone systems or quote for a new install.  We offer VOIP solutions that are very economical.  Let us perform a cost analysis for you!
  • Surveillance Solutions – Is your DVR full?  Is the hard drive in your DVR not working?  We can help resurrect your existing surveillance solution!  We work with standard BNC camera equipment as well as HD network-based IP Cameras.  We can help gauge surveillance storage requirements and ensure you get the most out of your surveillance equipment.  We are up-to-date on the latest forms of video compression types and storage procedures.
  • Printers – We service printers!  Unfortunately, printers have components that typically wear down or need replaced.  We can help make sure your printers run as long as possible.  We can share the best practices and tricks to keep your printers printing and get your value out of the device.  Especially, when laser jet printers can be very costly to replace and reconfigure.